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Why Registering your Domain with us is SMART!

Too many times we see frustration from businesses who have to deal with multiple entites when it comes to their website. Having to deal with more than one company for their website design, their domain registration, hosting, website management etc etc?



We provide a FULL web hosting and development service where you can deal with one Company to manage ALL your website and management needs. This includes having your domain registered with us.

To find out more check out our hosting packages.

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What CMS for your business

We make sure that we use the best CMS platform to cater for your website and your business. There are many CMS platforms out there but differ greatly in their usability, functionality, performance and features. Depending on your needs we choose the best fit to make sure you get the best results.

What CMS platforms do we use?

1. WordPress

2. Joomla!

3. Drupal

4. Chamilo

We also custom build your site for more specific requirements giving it the power to drive individual needs.