Managed IT Services and Network Support

We provide a variety of managed services including optimization, network administration and virtual private networks (VPNs).

McDonell IT Services are always working with new technology and tools to have the ability to keep your business up to date with improvements and changes in the IT sector.

We all know that network downtime results in lost productivity, time and money.

Network maintenance, support and monitoring services can help you balance cost against risk. We can provide solutions that will balance those costs in relation to managed services through a variety of channels.

This is more than a simple break-fix service. We’ll help ensure you meet network demands with the right mix of technical and operational support, keeping your network running reliably and in turn protect your investment.

Our team can utilise multiple skillsets to work within your environment over multi-vendor/multi-platform systems.

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Network Security

Intrusions from outside your environment rise every year so it is more important than ever to protect your data, and your business.

With next gen network infrastructure we provide front line protection across your entire environment.

McDonell IT Services can provide a range of specialised security solutions.

We also put in place policies and proceedures that support your infrastructure and network so that you have in place the right fit of technical security and high-end system performance for your business.

Ensure your network infrastructure is protected with industry-leading security. We can work with you to ensure all aspects of security are covered, providing you with peace of mind and helping you minimise risk.

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Network Auditing

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Your overall network environment fluctuates and changes over time  with the addition, removal or upgrade of a device, or installation or removal of software. To know exactly what infrastructure you have and keep up to date, a network audit is required.

Our network audits are professionally managed, scheduled and executed within your business minmising any risk to staff and/or resources. In particular, our network audits can provide numerous benefits including:

    • Security assessment of network infrastructure.
    • Best practices.
    • System security assessment and warranty checks.
    • Visio diagrams of network topology.
    • Latency monitoring and reporting.
    • Policy and proceedure measures for high risk systems.

Utilizsing our audits give you peace of mind that you and your business are operating to it’s optimal level, in accordance with internal compliance, policies and regulations.

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