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Our hosting service with McDonell IT services has been both a professional and reliable experience. Both our Business site and Online Shop have performed exceptionally well without security issues or downtime. We highly recommend McDonell IT for any business require hosting services.

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High Performance

Our web hosting services provide high speed SSD disks, ultimate memchaching tools, image optimization tools, free CDN options, PHP7 and OpCache that will make your website fly.

Site Management

Easily manage your site through our provide CMS platforms such as Joomla, Magento, WordPress, and more. We include plenty of site tools for you to use through our client area.


Strict Security

Managing your site at the server and application level with a custom WAF (Web Application Firewall) maintained regularly and  free SSL Let’s Encrypt certificates.

Managed Domains

We give our clients the ability to manage both their domain and site in one area. Offering domain registration and transfer services, management panel and more. 

Manage WordPress

Managed WordPress hosting with all plans include WordPress installation if required along with migrator plugins to easily move your website across if necessary. 

Email Services

Create multiple email accounts for your domain. You also have access to SPAMMING tools, multiple email clients, How-To documents for setting up accounts on different platforms and more.